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Our Ketcham Estate Family


Allie Ketcham 

Proprietress, Allie Ketcham grew up in the mid-western town of Ann Arbor, Michigan. Allie studied art and literature at Denison & Oxford Universities. After hiking the Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine in 1998, she found herself running away to a boat in Sausalito, California. Allie worked for a decade as a nanny in Marin County where one of the mothers she worked for set her up on a blide date with Mark. After decadent meals, trips abroad and vintage car shows, they found themselves married at the Fairmont on Knob Hill. In 2007 Mark and Allie moved to the vineyard property at Ketcham Estate. Together they created the brand and lifestyle of Ketcham Estate while building relationships with Pinot Noir lovers across the country. While Allie is eternally grateful to Mark for her children and the life they built, she is empowered to carry on the legacy of Ketcham Estate. She continues to live on the vineyard property with her two children Savannah, Nick and Tucker (the Boykin Spaniel) and plays golf every chance she gets.  





Renee Graves

Director of Happiness - Renee was born and raised in Healdsburg. Renee brings with her a wealth of expertise and excels at managing the Ketcham Estate operation. Renee and her husband are parents to three sons. Renee is very well loved within the Healdsburg community--always giving back to the schools and various local organizations. In her free time, Renee loves to ski, hike, read, travel, and is always up for a great adventure.